Together with Giuseppe Carosso, his sons Marco and Giovanni also work in the company today, helping to carry on a family tradition of over two centuries.

Always attentive to respect for nature and the environment, we are convinced that the quality of a wine is born in the vineyard so we do not use herbicides and pesticides and we favor the birth and development of different types of herbs between the rows.

Each vine is considered as an individual to be interpreted and accompanied over the years, in order to express the uniqueness of the territory. Even in the cellar we follow every phase, from the initial selection and pressing to the packaging of every single bottle.

We do not use any herbicides or pesticides in our vineyards and hazelnut groves, in some of them we do not mow the grass. We believe in the importance of grassing, since only in this way can many herbaceous varieties grow.

We believe that in order to best express a terroir it is essential to work with old vines: the uniqueness and beauty of a vineyard are most evident with plants with very deep root systems.

Bottling takes place with the least possible use of sulfur dioxide, and, as usual, only during the days of a waning moon.