Paride Iaretti

Our company has its roots in Gattinara. The 4.5 hectares of vineyards that identify it develop on the hills that slope down towards the town.

Monte Rosa is the backdrop to this splendid terroir, which enchants those who come here, driven by the curiosity to understand and get to know Upper Piedmont. Our plots welcome in an almost exclusive way a single grape variety, the noblest, Nebbiolo. Care of the vineyards and winemaking are entrusted to the care of the founding partner, Paride, assisted by Mattia, while Fabrizio will welcome you in the cellar. 

The company was founded at the beginning of the new millennium, thanks to Paris, to then welcome, starting from 2015, within its own company structure, other people, bearers of very varied professional experiences. 

The common goal of the members is to make this reality grow in size, gradually bringing it towards an annual production of about 30,000 bottles, in strict compliance with the quality, which has always distinguished our wine.