If there is a winemaker that almost precisely embodies the aspiration and the passion of a true dreamer, this must be Piantagrossa.

Piantagrossa is a super small, super young vigneron founded in 2013 by Luciano Zoppo Ronzero, back then a manager of a multination company. Nevertheless, the seed of history and tradition was already there: Luciano grew up in Donnas, Valle d’Aosta, surrounded by small winegrowers, rooted since generations in the poetry of the heroic winemaking of the alps of Valle D’Aosta. 

There, since he was a young child, absorbed and learned the secrets of the trade that remained as regret and a dream until he decided to go back. It is how Piantagrossa was born: 2 hectares of vineyards, perched on the incredibly steep slopes of the Donnas and St-Martin Mountains at 450/500 meter above sea level, held up by the 500 years old drywalls from where everything has to be done manually. Piantagrossa produces Nebbiolo and in smallest quantities other indigenous grapes, like Fumin, Vien de Nus, Neyret and Freisa.