Poderi Garona

The “Poderi Garona” Winery is based on the centuries-old tradition of the Duella family and on a series of vineyards that arise in a territorial and climatic context of extraordinary singularity in Alto Piemonte on the Supervulcano del Sesia, a fossil volcano that collapsed about 280 million years.

It is a small company that is investing in its properties by recovering land that was once vineyards. The soil is extremely suited to the cultivation of vines rich in mineral substances that allow the Nebbiolo, Vespolina and Uva Rara to extract a great minerality that is found in the glass and which distinguishes the Boca wine.

The vineyards of Boca are protected by Monte Rosa and at the same time enjoy pedoclimatic conditions that allow, during the ripening period, an alternation of temperature changes between day and night that favor the development and concentration of sugars and varietal substances that characterize the future wine.

The area planted with vines is about 3 hectares, the largest vineyard has optimal exposure and develops at an average height of about 420m above sea level. 


AWARDS -  PODERI GARONA Boca DOC 2015: 90 Decanter; 98,2 Vino da bere